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Ms.  Chrystal  D.  Stallings
School Library Media Specialist

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Without a doubt my parents are the root of who I am as an individual. From the time I was born, I have been raised by Christian parents who have dedicated more than 48 years of their lives in pastoral work in the Church of God. Therefore, my life has been spent involved in every aspect of church work, particularly in the areas of music and children's classes.

Along with their emphasis on religious training, my parents consistently instilled in me the importance of an education and giving your all in everything you attempt to accomplish.  As far back as I can remember, my parents would read to me and take me to the library on a regular basis to get a new batch of books. A special love of children's literature continued with me into my teen and young adult years. Although I began my education as a classroom teacher and enjoyed it thoroughly, I often found myself wanting to concentrate my instruction on Reading more than anything else. It was an obvious choice then for me to continue my education by attaining my Masters Degree in Library Science.

Their own talent for writing (my father with his sermons and my mother with her short stories, skits, and inspirational books) has also had its impact on my life. At the age of 13 I began doing genealogical research on my family history, interviewing my grandparents, visiting old homeplaces and cemeteries, and obtaining any information I could about events in our family history. After 15 years of consistently working on this project (at times when school was not in session), I finally completed a book of family history in 2008. The 200+ page anthology began with our family patriarch in England in 1605 and traced our history to the present day. I consider it one of my richest accomplishments to have completed this task and presented it to my grandparents after 71 years of their marriage.

I love animals and am an advocate for their care and protection. I support the National and Local Humane Societies as well as other rescue organizations. It is a joy to sit and hold my doggie-children each day when I arrive home from work. Even when responsibilities seem overwhelming, they help me see that there is still something to smile about.